Just a Dash About Me


I am a product of my childhood, which was white middle class midwest America. I grew up in the 90’s when it was cool to be depressed and you scored even more points if you were taking meds and lithium was more than just the name of a song. Much like my life as a teen where I tried a lot of different things to see where I fit in, for instance my taste in music- from soulful R&B to alternative beat-your-head-against-a-wall rock- I am still defining, and reinventing myself.

I am part of the LGBT community and have embraced my queerness, finally at the age of “now or never”,  like that of a long lost love. Now that I’ve found it I won’t let go. 

I think change is good. I believe that if we aren’t moving forward we are really just falling behind. I am an optimist and see the good in people and situations, but I can also be cynical and sarcastic. We are all on a path and there are times when our paths cross with someone else’s and times when we walk the path together, and times we walk it all alone. This is my path.

I write because I have things to get out of my head. They may be nonsensical, ramblings of a mad woman, but they are better out than in. I talk too fast and too loud. I feel too deep. I forgive too easily. I fight too hard and too often. I love too strong. I cry too easily and I laugh too cackley. That’s who I am.

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